UV DTF Instructions

Upload ready to print files!

  • 300 dpi resolution
  • Minimum line weight 4pts
  • True to size artwork. If submitted width x length is out of proportions, we will resize it at the highest value.
  • Transparent background
  • High quality files. Avoid pixelated artwork. Bad input will result in a bad output.
  • Accepted files : .ai, .eps, .png
  • Cannot print translucent

All files are printed as it is. We do not inspect files.

UV DTF Sticker Application

1. Prior to usage, apply the squeegee wrap to both the front and back surfaces.

2. Ensure the glass/plastic is free from hand oils (Avoid using alcohol, as our wraps are not alcohol-friendly).

3. Remove the design film transfer by peeling it off.

4. Align the design film with the glass/plastic cup and lay it down (Note: The adhesive is highly potent, making it impossible to remove once it touches the surface).

5. Use the squeegee to press the film down, starting from the center and moving outward to eliminate any bubbles.

6. Rub the applied film thoroughly for optimal results.

7. Slowly and carefully peel off the clear film to complete the process.