Pressing Instructions

Disclaimer: Times and temperatures mentioned may very based on heat press used. Please make sure to purchase at least one extra transfer to help adjust calibrate heat press. We recommend you use an infrared thermometer to gauge the temperature of your heat press.

If you need to press your print onto the garment once the film has been removed, we recommend placing the film down once more or using a teflon sheet or parchment paper without wax and adjusting the pressure to make it heavier.

For Screen Print Transfers it is recommended to only use a professional heat press with heavy pressure (use an EasyPress at your own risk)



Temp: 330°F | Pressure: Heavy
Time: 15 seconds | Peel: COLD

✨ Set heat press to 330°F
✨ Press the shirt for 10 seconds to remove moisture..
✨ Place the transfer on the shirt white side down, image facing up
✨ Press at 330°F for 15 seconds.
✨ Let transfer cool and peel slowly, in one continuous. Start from a corner with the most ink coverage.
✨ For best results, cover with parchment paper and press for an extra 8 seconds.

CRICUT EASY PRESS (not recommended)

Care Instructions: Turn the garment inside out. Machine wash cold. No bleach. No softener. Do not dry clean or iron. Tumble dry low.


Temp: 320°F -350°F I Pressure: Heavy (Use body weight)
Time: 7-10 seconds I Peel: HOT PEEL (Immediately peel transfer when heat is removed)

Temp: 350°F I Pressure: Heavy
Time: 30-40 seconds | Peel: HOT PEEL (IMMEDIATELY)

Heat press is recommended. These transfers will work with an iron or Cricut easy press however we are not responsible if your transfers were damages after using an iron/cricut easy press.


1. Ensure the glass/plastic is free from hand oils (Avoid using alcohol, as our wraps are not alcohol-friendly).

2. Before removing backing, scrape the design with a squeegee to ensure the entire design transfers to the clear film correctly.

3. Peel the transfer off the backing, starting with the corner

4. Line to the transfer onto your glass cup or surface to your liking, PLEASE REMEMBER the adhesive is extremely strong. This means once the transfer sticks its almost impossible to take off.

5. Once design is placed, use a squeegee over the entire design to push any air bubbles out.

6. Slowly peel the clear film off and you're done!

Sublimations transfers


Heat Press:
Temp: 355ºF
Total Time: 140 Seconds
*70 seconds on one side and another 70 seconds on the other side*

Convection Oven:
Temp: 375º - 400ºF
Time: 5 - 7 min.
*This time and temperature may vary depending on your oven*



Heat Press:
Temp: 355ºF
Total Time: 280 Seconds
*110 seconds on one side and another 110 seconds on the other side*

Convection Oven:
Temp: 375º - 400ºF
Time: 6 - 8 min.
*This time and temperature may vary depending on your oven*


HEAT PRESSTemp: 320°F -350°F I Pressure: Heavy

1. Place patch design on apparel.
2. Put parchment on top of design.
3. Press for 15 seconds.
4. Flip apparel inside out.
5. Press for another 15 seconds.

Heat press is recommended

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